Covid-19 Vaccination Policy and Protocol
This policy is in place to keep all of our members safe and to do our part in preventing the spread of Covid-19 in the NWT.

Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct applies to all of our members and governs how they participate in our activities or represent us as an association.

Constitution & By-Laws
These documents set out how we are governed, how our finances work, who gets to vote at our meetings, and how those meetings are run.

Dispute Resolution
This policy explains how we resolve disputes between members within the organization, or between a member and NWT Snowboard.

AWG Coach and Athlete Selection Policy
Our selection policy for both coaches and athletes help give transparency to our selection process and provides information for our appeal process.

Criminal Record Check Policy
All coaching staff are required to have a CRC completed to ensure the safety of our athletes and members.

Helmet Policy
Wearing a helmet is a requirement while snowboarding on all NWT Snowboard affiliated hills.

Responsible Coaching Movement Policy
This policy is designed to hold a high standard for all snowboard coaches who wish to train and coach athletes in the NWT.

Abuse Prevention Policy
NWT Snowboard and its Affiliated Clubs are committed to a sport environment free from abuse with zero tolerance for any form of abuse.

Concussion Management Protocol
Concussions are a very common injury in our sport and when it comes to keeping your brain healthy NWT Snowboard will take no chances.