What does NWT Snowboard do?

We make snowboarding and action snowsports happen in the Northwest Territories! We help communities to form clubs, develop programs, host events and create facilities to bring snowboarding to as wide an audience as we can. On top of that, we select athletes to compete on behalf of Team NWT at events like the Arctic Winter Games and Canada Games.

Supporting our members

If you become a member with NWT Snowboard, you get access to all of our programs and services.

You could be just starting out, looking to join a club and learn how to snowboard; a more developed athlete looking to prepare for competitions; a coach wanting to grow and share your knowledge; or a parent wanting to get involved as an event official. However you want to get involved in snowboarding, we’re here to help.

Supporting our clubs

We have two sanctioned clubs in the Northwest Territories: one in Yellowknife and one in Fort Smith.We work with them to help them grow, provide administrative support, and jointly create a positive environment for their members. We also provide support to recreation departments offering basic snowboarding experiences to youth in the NWT’s smaller communities.

Developing and implementing programs

We work with local and national partners to develop snowboard programs from grassroots to elite level – not just for athletes but for coaches, judges and officials too.

Hosting events

We play an important role in the organization and delivery of events at every level of snowboarding, including:

  • RIDERS events (grassroots and in-school learning)
  • Club or community level events
  • Territorial Series events
  • Territorial Championships
  • Territorial Trials for Arctic Winter Games

Team NWT

We are proud to help raise rising stars of the northern snowboard community. NWT Snowboard selects athletes to compete at the Arctic Winter Games and Canada Games, selects the teams’ coaches, and provides support to athletes preparing for major events.