Our annual Big Fun event will be March 8-10, 2-24.

Participants will have sessions each day with super fun instructors including guest SANDY WARD! But that’s not all! Those who register will receive a welcome package, have a chance to win prizes, eat yummy snacks, and vote for the winner of the Spirit of Snowboarding Award, all for the price of $40 (price does not include an NWT Snowboard membership which is required for insurance reasons).
First Years/ Fundamentals
  • Learn to control your board with standing up, heel edge, toe edge and stopping with a focus on fundamentals
  • Fun and games to improve board control and edges


  • Solid control of speed and stops.
  • Ready to learn the next challenge (ie. boxes & racing)
  • Control of toe and heel edges
  • Wanting to learn to compete (ie. cool moves on boxes and racing tricks)
Explore and Expand
  • Independent skilled snowboarders looking to improve


Slide Zone Shredderz recognizes we are riding and enjoying our outside time on the traditional territory of the Dene and Metis and NWT Cree, who have been protectors of the land for countless generations.





Huge shoutout to our sponsors!