NOTE: Make sure you purchase your season pass before signing up for a program! You must hold a season pass to take part in our programs.

Once you have a season pass, CLICK HERE.

Ragged Riders instructors are proud to offer programming at the club, running from January 4 until the snow melts! (usually early-mid April):


Provides basic instruction and guidance to our youngest participants, aged five to seven. Runs weekly on Sundays 11:30am till 1pm. Families can choose for the kids to attend either one or both days each week. Rate: $400 for the season (access to one session per week; $800 for two sessions per week).


Private lessons

Private one-to-one tuition is available to youth and adults of all ages. Please contact Ragged Riders to book!

Lesson fees: $100 per two-hour lesson or $250 for three lessons (six hours).

Lessons ordinarily take place during public hours (1pm-4pm Sat and Sun, 8pm-9pm Weds), but other times may be available on request.