NWT Snowboard – Covid-19 Control Measures

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve in Canada, we are all affected and facing very unique and challenging times in the NWT. During these difficult times, NWT Snowboard and all the associated clubs are committed most importantly to the health and well-being of our Snowboard Community.

The ability to meet the government guidelines is not the only consideration to take into account prior to resuming desired Snowboard related activities.  We share your desire to get back to shredding, however, we strongly encourage all riders to thoroughly understand the guidelines and do their due diligence in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

NWT Snowboard continues to work closely with our Chief Medical Officer, Sport and Funding Partners, and Local Government and Health Authorities to carefully monitor the situation. We encourage all our members to do the same, and remain informed of the COVID-19 situation through regular updates from health authorities and other governing agencies in the NWT.


Return to Sport Protocol (Exposure Control Plan)

NWT Snowboard has implemented the following overarching Return to Sport Protocol to help not only our clubs but our members understand the precautions we are taking to keep them safe!

Return to Sport Protocol (Exposure Control Plan)


  • Participant/ Member Consent Form
    • now part of your registration process via SnowReg
    • This form confirms that participants understand the risks specifically associated to Covid-19 and they are agreeing to abide by all Govt and NWT Snowboarding guidelines. Must be completed prior to the regular season and again before each event

Participant/ Member Consent Form


  • Contact Tracing Form
    • Each member/participant must sign the Contact Tracing Form each day. In case of a breakout this document will be crucial in mitigating the spread of the virus and understanding where the possible breakout originated from.

Contact Tracing Form


Covid-19 Vaccination Policy and Protocol



If you have any questions relating the safety measures put in place to keep you safe and having fun on the hill please reach out to your local club or contact NWT Snowboard.

Ragged Riders – raggedriders@outlook.com

Slide Zone Shredderz – fortsmithsnowboarding@gmail.com

NWT Snowboard – nwtsnowboard@gmail.com